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Something Vintage Jewelry Rentals

Start a Conversation – Wear Vintage Jewelry


Something Vintage Jewelry Rentals offers vintage costume jewelry rentals for special occasions . 

The company was founded by Paula Innocenti. It started when Paula inherited some vintage jewelry pieces. At the time, she didn’t know much about vintage jewelry. In fact, she had planned on selling the pieces. While photographing one of the necklaces, she noticed that it was stamped “Bogoff.” Curious, she researched the engraving, opening up a world of beauty and art.

Research revealed that “Bogoff” was a Polish émigré who became one of the most sought-after jewelry designers of the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s. More importantly, Paula discovered that Bogoff was one of a handful of great designers who transferred diamond and precious stone designs into their own rhinestone creations, which were on par with or superior to the precious stone jewelry.

She then started researching other vintage costume jewelry designers to find that each had their own unique history and style. Among them were Eisenberg, Kramer (chosen to produce for Christian Dior), Boucher, Ciner, Coro, Alice Caviness, Lisner, Matisse, Mazer, Schreiner, H. Pomerantz, Selro, Joseph Wiesner, Weiss, Volupte, and many other vintage designers.

When Inspiration Strikes

Instead of selling the jewelry, Paula decided to share these beautiful pieces and their rich history by making them available to women of taste through a rental platform.

Paula enjoys helping women feel fabulous by providing them access to some of the rarest and most coveted costume jewelry pieces. She is known for her refined classic sensibilities and vintage jewelry knowledge. Her ability to help women accessorize for special events by providing vintage costume jewelry rentals has taken her to the next level as a style innovator.

Mission Statement

The company’s goal is to enrich the lives of discerning women by providing them with an affordable opportunity to feel beautiful and confident, wearing these magnificent vintage costume jewelry designs.